A Word Describing Mother Angelica


When I first saw Mother Angelica on EWTN and listened to her talk about her faith and relationship with the Lord, I was intrigued by her easy relationship with Him.   One of her most used words was, "awesome."   I had never been exposed to someone who was so relaxed and happy in her relationship with the Lord. 

She said He was, "Awesome."  That got me to thinking that we hold Him at arms length when it would be better to be in His arms.

Mother Angelica made me feel it was okay to pray at ANY time, not just in church, or in a quiet and solitary room, but at any time.  So, on my very long drives into work I silently prayed about all kinds of things and the time was made a bit less stressful, but not stress--free, not by a long shot.  There were still lots of near crashes and lots of crazy drivers and long waits.

So, when I fall asleep praying it's due to Mother Angelica's awesome Christ relationship and the generous sharing of her faith with the world.


Ann Tatum said...

Thanks for leaving a link at my post for 30 Days of Thanksgiving!

New End Studio said...

Thanks for posting about the Challenge. I enjoyed it.