Fated to Win

Does fear, especially an irrational fear block a blessing?  For instance, wouldn't it be great to win a large amount of lottery money?  I'm talking many millions of dollars, pounds, euros, etc.

Being the practical person I usually am, I've pondered what I would do with such a gargantuan size bank account.  I already have charities selected to donate to.  I've decided I would splurge on fresh flowers whenever I wanted them, which would be often.  I was going to surprise family members with certain presents, etc.

The concept of managing such a large amount of money is overwhelming.  That's the fear I'm referring to.  I don't know the first thing about tax shelters, investment portfolios, living off interest and preserving principle, etc.  Finding accountants and lawyers to advise me, whom I could trust is another dilemma.  I think the fear of having all that money is keeping it from landing in my lap.

The odds of winning the lottery aren't great.  I'm thankful that this silly fear hasn't stopped me from purchasing a lottery ticket.  Besides, is it a blessing to win or simply a matter of fate?

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