Christmas Before Thanksgiving

November 3, the day after Election Day, I saw my first Christmas commercial on the tv, it was for Lottery Tickets, which I just do not associate with Christmas, not the true meaning of Christmas.

Ordinarily I would gripe about the start of the shopping season so early, but this year it doesn't bother me as much.  Don't know why that is.  Perhaps writing these posts makes me feel more charitable to those who are trying to make their quotas in business.  In this economic downturn I hope people don't overspend, but still make donations, and keep to the spirit of Christmas. 

Also, I am thankful that Black Friday sales are starting long before that day and so hoping that there won't be throngs of people and not enough cashiers in the shops during the busy weekends!  Keeps the parking lots and roadways a bit less stressful too, by spreading out the shopping days.

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