Happy Birthday To Me and Here's a New Etsy Treasury

If you view the treasury on Etsy after this original post, you will find it changed with replacement items all of which are just as fabulous and lovely as these items here.   

Land of the Giant Vegetables

Llanharry, Wales featured a Giant Vegetable Show.  Lots of huge, gigantic homegrown veggies and proud gardeners.  Here is one photo from the show, featuring Mr. Joseph Atherton, the photo is from Walesonline, see the website for the full photo show and article.

I chose the photo of the giant leek to show here as it reminds me of the time, way back when, when Mom forced me to wear a little fabric felt leek on my coat to show the IRA that I was Welsh and therefore should be safe when walking about London.

I don't know if the leek stopped an attack, but I still have the little leek brooch, don't wear it, but glad Mom was always looking out for me.

Her brother, my uncle,  was an excellent gardener and grew lots of veg which we enjoyed on our plates.  No pesticides, for him.    Fresh and flavorful. 

Needing to Spread Out

At one time I thought having an office desk with drawers and a wipeable top surface was the way to go for doing crafty, creative, artsy, and sewing  projects.  This desk was bought at an office furniture secondhand type store.  It is a very heavy desk, in great condition.  But, I am looking for a table with room underneath to roll the plastic carts which are currently in the closet and out of sight.   Moving away from the wall is also something I am trying to do.

I already measured the height of the carts and found out that I'll have to build up the table legs by an inch or so.  The carts are just too high to pass under the table lip.  Lip?  I think that's what the bottom/underside edge is called.  Sounds funny, although I recently compiled an Etsy treasury with a kissing theme. 

The shelves on the wall are old spice racks from a charity shop (fifty cents per shelf, good deal!) which I painted to give a brighter outlook than the dark brown they originally were.  I store paint and glues in those racks.  The metal rack below the blue rack has lots of paint brushes.

I put one of those new type of lightbulbs in the table lamp, and it's nice and bright and the metal shade doesn't burn my fingers now!