Lucy, The Wonder Dog

I wonder why Lucy is still anti-husband after living with us since January 2009.  He walks her, feeds her, and is very kind to her; tries to play with her, and grooms her.  She is friendly to everyone she meets, men and women alike, but has an aversion to the husband.  We adopted her at 7 years old and she is now 8 1/2.  I wonder if they will ever bond.


Lynn said...

Watch the Dog Whisperer show. Lots of similar situations...

New End Studio said...

Thanks Lynn. I do watch the show from time to time.

I think things have improved since I wrote this post. I have taught her to leave the room when she starts barking and although she is miffed, there is a lot more peace and quiet at home. Sort of like a "time out" for dogs. She is learning new and better behavior and we are all better off for it.