ACEO a Work in Progress

ACEO work in progress.  This image is also the current banner above.  I'll probably replace the banner, not sure as of now.

Walking on through life.  Ahh!  The water and the waves are on the right side of the railing.

ACEO means, Art Card Edition Original and the size is always baseball card size,
2.5 inches by 3.5 inches horizontal or vertical placement, it doesn't matter. 

ACEOs may be made of anything: fabric, metal, paintings, collage, etc.  The size is the key to being an ACEO.

Dreams by the Waterside

Sorry that the photo is so out of focus, the pixels aren't clear on this image.  I sold this Aceo on ebay and don't have the card to take another photo of it.     This was inspired by a photo I took of a canoe by the side of a small stream.  When something sells I am happy, but sad to part with it.

Looking Forward and Not Backward

New End Studio blog begins.  Looking at a photograph from London.  That's my Mom in the foreground.  Happy Times!