September 30, 2016

Autumn. Where Have You Been?

Vintage ribbon green lace binding wreath New End Studio

Hello Autumn, what took you so long?

Let summer be a nice memory and give a welcome to this brand new autumn.

My 2016 summer was all that summer stands for weather-wise.  Not sorry to see it give way to cooler temps, orange and red leaves on trees, falling into big wet piles on the ground.

Oh, the squirrels are very busy this week.  I think they were trying to cool off somewhere waiting for the lower temps to ride in on the winds of the latest storms.

The front door wreath is wrapped in green lace binding and autumn colored vintage ribbon.  The muted colored flower blossoms of celery green and light coral do not want to give up their summer dreams.

Take care to enjoy our autumn, soon enough the days will be darker earlier. Mugs of hot chocolate and ginger spice cookies will be a sweet treat.  Happy Autumn!