July 5, 2016

The Lost and Found of Art and Memories During a Mid Year Review, Turtle and City

aceo blocks and dots turtle and city New End Studio

The post on growing lettuce on the windowsill had this image tucked into the collage.  Didn't realize at the time that this aceo hadn't been shared in its own post.  It was made years ago with acrylics on cold press paper and gotten lost in the image folders for a while.

When I painted this, I was remembering my little turtle from my childhood.  That was back in the day when you could buy tiny turtles at the Woolworth store.

Whenever I think of him or her? I see shell, tiny head and legs which he used to full advantage while he explored the grass in my backyard.  Lost him once!  Green turtle in all that green grass wasn't easy to find him.

Let free from his turtle house, my tiny turtle would walk pretty fast for a turtle.  It was as if he was born to roam. The same way I enjoy myself on a trip to NYC or other city.

This aceo is city, buildings, lights, traffic, taxis, and turtle shells altogether.  It's dark and striking, confusing, congested, slow and fast at the same time.  Best of all, it's full of opportunities to explore and enjoy.

It's nice to sometimes find myself renewed through bits and pieces from the Lost and Found.

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July 1, 2016

Grow Lettuce On Your Windowsill to Harvest for Sandwiches, Salads, and Snacks All Year

Fresh Lettuce From Windowsill to Table

Lettuce Be Clear, Gardening is Usually Hard Work.  (unPunny ...)
This Way is Cooler, Cleaner, and Oh So Delicious and Easy.  

Why not grow lettuce on a windowsill and keep harvesting for sandwiches, salads, and snacks anytime?

Growing lettuce in a glass or container of water didn't appeal to me.  Until now.  I thought I would give it a go and see what happens.  So I did.

I've been buying the bagged mixed greens and couldn't find any in my local stores.  There wasn't a recall, so I don't know the reason for their disappearance.

Instead, three romaine lettuce heads in a bag came to my rescue.  (Heads?  That sounds odd, but I didn't name it.)

When the lettuce was down to nearly nubs (hearts) I put them in juice glasses after not finding anything else suitable which would prop them up and which would fit on my narrow windowsill.  (I long for a deep windowsill in my next home.  Even a box seat would be welcome, or a bay window that I can fill with all the plants I wish.)

After about 3 days the lettuce was growing deep green leaves.  I changed the water every couple of days and snipped off any mucky looking bits at the bottom of the lettuce.

Now, with the leaves growing I anxiously awaited the leaves to reach harvesting size.  The day came, about the seventh day, and my sandwich was excellent!

I overdid it on the first sandwich as you can see from the photo.  Subsequent sandwiches had fewer leaves, all very good.

There's something delicious about growing fresh, free from pesticide, and free from the long transport from grower to distribution center to stores to me salad leaves.  It saved money, too. There's almost always spoiled salad leaves that have to be thrown out in each and every bag I buy.

I know this isn't making a dent in the ozone, but I'm glad to have tried it and will do so again. Next time, a bigger head of lettuce, which I will keep in the fridge and harvest as it produces.

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