A Year of Setbacks, A Year of Wonders

paint and supplies from Home DepotBetween boxes and all those moving chores a few new jobs were added to the shortlist of things to do. There's never a perfect time to do household maintenance, except before it needs to be done, before there's a problem of course.

Sometimes you don't know what needs to be done until it jumps out at you, or falls down at your feet, or stinks to the rafters, or...    None of those happened except for the, "I never saw this before..." and realizing it had to be fixed moment.

So I find myself in Home Depot getting supplies for those unexpected jobs.  This is only half of it- at least I hope so.  The weather has been too hot or too rainy to do any of the outside work, so I am learning to appreciate my basement since Spring.  But enough is enough.  Let me come up for air and light already!

When I look back on this year, I feel a close alliance to what the Queen of England said, way back in 1992, it was her, "Annus Horribilis,"  A horrible year.  Actually the whole of 2013 wasn't horrible just a few more things to build the character, as they say.  So, if I'm in Home Depot and building my character over the months this year, and last year, and all the way back many years as I think about it (you, too, probably?) next year should be the time to reap some rewards. Hope so!  "2014, Annnus Mirabilis!"  2014, Year of Miracles and Wonders!

Do you have any BIG plans for 2014?

That Day of the Month, Fourth Friday, Inspired by Four

It's that day of the month, time for "More With Four or Inspired by Four Letter Words."   Anything you make, create, cook, felt, paint, bead, write, or what have you that has any number of word(s) which can be described with 4 letter words- nice ones not the naughty kind - we want to see!  Add your blog post link to the linky below and head over to the Pinterest board  for more fun where we eek out every last 4 letter word we can think of to describe the creations.

Check out the previous linkups by clicking on the sidebar button, add your link below, and have a little fun. The Fourth Friday of each month is the time to be here.  Sometimes I post the link on Thursday for scheduling's sake and for bloggy friends in different timezones.  You can add your link until Sunday at noon- or thereabouts.

My make for this month is a ring, using a bronze toned adjustable ring base, a Catholic medal fitting the base, beads and a crystal pendant on a loop or bail.  With a dab of glue, jump rings, pliers, and patience I put the ring together.  Why patience?  Seed beads and my eyes are not friends!  I used two magnifiers plus my own reading glasses all at the same time and kept at it.  Lucy was company and managed to keep me from throwing in the towel.  Result- I have put the seed beads away in favor of larger beads.

holy medal ringprayer to Mary medal ring

This medal has a prayer to Mary, the Holy Mother.  I like the contrast between the bronze lacy edging, the crystal, and the strong colors in both the beads and the ring setting.  This is one way to use those medals and charms that come in the mail without asking for them!   I realize the photo is not perfectly clear, that's due to me, my eyes, and not perfecting the shot.  If I can get all three merged in a better way, I'll replace the images.

Ain't No Mountain (of Cardboard Boxes) High Enough

Just one of the things keeping me busy these past few weeks is the pile of boxes to open, sort, and repack.

I looked away from the computer and blog for what seemed like a couple of days, to realize my last post was for Independence Day.  Time is on the rug that has been pulled out from under my feet!

With only one good weekend weather-wise before the heat and thunderstorm rotation began, there is now a full garage.  I'll try Craigslist and put some things out on the driveway, just to get this garage emptied before I bring up more stuff from the basement.

Every so often I wonder if moving is the right thing to do- then here comes the next tornado warning and I remember. About a week ago Lucy and I spent hours in the basement, partially in the dark with flashlights (the power went out) and although we were safe, and many aren't- it's not something I want to do every summer and early autumn, waiting, wondering, praying, hoping that the tornadoes will fizzle out- diminish- weaken then skip our town and everyone will be safe. God bless all those who live and thrive in the path and history of the whirling winds. Although tornadoes are just one consideration in the moving, they aren't the only reason. More about those reasons to come.

Hope the weather is cooling off after the intense heat and you are all enjoying your summer!

Hope to see on Friday what you have made on Inspired by Four or More With Four and on the Pinterest Board.  If there were only four more boxes to go!


Birthday Greetings America, on Your 237th!

Liberty Bell birthday greetings on July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!
You're 237 Today!

Wishing everyone in the USA 
and those far from our shores who celebrate with us,   
"Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday."

All the best,


Leaving Thumbprints

Pretty soon I will be packing up the craft room and whatever supplies are moving with me. When it gets to that point, I may be sharing photos instead of new collages and jewelry.

photos and haikuIt's going to take some time to get to the new and maybe final destination, so there will be more changes and challenges in store for me along the way.

This next phase of changes is going to be a doozy, and hopefully a happy and mercifully exhausting one, too.

My fingers are crossed for a successful and completed house sale by September.  The garage is almost filled up, and a yard sale is imminent, with more to come.  House chores are being added to the list and lots of boxes to unpack and repack.  I haven't started on the main floor!


Who gave vacant claim,
surprised by laughter resigned,
                                                                at the turning point.

There's no turning back, there's only diving in, and if failing, then turning a new page, whatever happens.  Let's all leave our thumbprints and make our marks- life is short, so open up and do our best to make the most of it.  Press Hard. ♥